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venerdì 17 agosto 2018

A nightmare come true

Years of horror have marked the Second World War forever. During that period many people brutally lost their lives because of a man, commonly called “Der Führer”.
“Racism” was the common used word and today there are many books in which the ugliest story of the world is written. An example is “The story of Anne Frank”.
It’s the true story of a young girl who lived hidden in a house with her parents, cousins and other unknown people.
Anne was a dreamer, she hoped for a better future, she believed in a change but her life ended up in a concentration camp.
The only person she was fond of was her father, Otto Frank, the manager of a company called Opekta, which was in the Jam-making business.
Day by day Anne wrote a diary where she told about what happened, for example that they had to close all the windows or that silence was the most important thing.
They heard news about the war on the radio every day and fear surrounded the dark spaces of the small room. That little speck of hope turned into a nightmare.
The morning of 4th August 1944 the German police arrested all the people hiding in the Annex. All of them were sent to different concentration camps and all died.
Anne gave her last breath immersed in terror and solitude.
Otto Frank was the only survivor, thanks to him we have a very important testament, which is his daughter’s diary that shows the Second World War seen from the eyes of a young girl.

Erika Gulizia

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