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mercoledì 22 agosto 2018


London has always offered many cultural attractions, mostly museums. Everyone is attracted by these receptacles of knowledge. The web site “TripAdvisor” thinks the British Museum is the best museum in this city. In fact galleries and finds make this structure the flagship.
Then we have the National Gallery, with masterpieces through which each tourist is guided by timely indications.
Other important museums are the National Portrait Gallery, the Natural History Museum and Madame Tussauds. The first one displays portraits of different periods: from the Tudor dynasty to the contemporary age. The second one, located in a building of neogothic style, was created by the owner of the British Museum collections. It is divided into four sectors.
The last but certainly not least is the Madame Tussauds, also known the wax museum.
Its name is easily intuitive, given the enormous quantity of wax reproductions of famous characters. No shortage of cinematographic icons, like Iron Man, King Kong, Spider Man and others. Even the royal family is depicted.
Furthermore London boasts many parks, real “open-air museums”, in which it’s relaxing spending a day with friends or relatives. You can admire lakes with swans and ducks, a thick vegetation and endless grassy fields in this places. Even the children have fun thanks to slides and swings. Not to mention the pubs and nightclubs that crowd the City, teeming with teenagers at night.
The landscape is spectacular in the eyes of the visitors, as the views visible from the Sky Garden and Primerose Hill.
What to say then? London is a multi-faceted city in which you get never bored. “In London there is everything that this life can offer.” (Samuel Johnson)

Vittorio Branciforti

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