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mercoledì 15 agosto 2018

Italians in London

London is known to be a multi-ethnic pole, in fact this city counts 20,9% of Asian descents, 6,6% of indians,13,3% of black people and 44,9% of white British. Italian residents in London are only the 2,2%; however this number is growing up and now about 250.000 Italians live in London. Some of these people have taken this decision due to work, but some of them have chosen this city as the perfect place to spend their holidays. 
Yesterday we interviewed some Italian people while we were at Victoria station. Only few of them are in London to have fun, the others work in London. When we asked what they like about London, most of them answered “museums and monuments”, but also “nightlife”, “means of transport”, “cleanliness” and the “atmosphere in general”. We also asked about the things they miss about Italy and the answer was "food". It was not a surprise, since Italy is one of the best country in the culinary sector. Italians also miss tranquility, the weather which is generally sunny, and the sea.
But what do Italians think about Londoners? “They are always busy but also kind” said one of our interviewees. “I love Londoners because they are direct and great workers!” 
Italians affirm that food and weather are the best things in Italy, on the other hand they all appreciate monuments and the environment in London. 
In conclusion, London is one of the most cozy places, also thanks to its friendly inhabitants.

Denise Di Gregorio, Vittorio Branciforti, Miriam Morretta.

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