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lunedì 20 agosto 2018


Music is a way to relax, to spend time, to socialize and it is also helpful while studying.
There are many musical genres, and every people listen to music according to their passion and mood.
One of the most popular genres is rap, that in the last few years it has spread all over the world.
Rap is based on the capacity of rappers to sing on a beat. One of the most important qualities of a rapper is to have a good flow. Flow is characterized by the rhythm and the rhymes of the song and it is the base of everything.
The “golden age” of this genre goes back to the early 1990’s, and it is the period when hip-hop went through its most drastic transformation.
There are a lot of kinds of rap, for example the “gangsta rap” whose precursor is considered the song “6n’ da morning” by Ice T.
The first step to success was made in 1992 with the publication of “The chronic” by Dr. Dre.
One of the symbols of the most recent history is Eminem, who has become a cultural icon since 2002 when he won the “Academy Award”. He obtained a great success with his film “8 Mille”, too. Its soundtrack by 50 Cent made him famous, and in 2002 he published his first album, that has sold million of copies.

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