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mercoledì 22 agosto 2018


Federica Pellegrini was born in Mirano on the 5th August 1988. Her fame started in 2004 at the Athens Olympics: she has been the first female swimmer to break the 4.00 minutes in the 400 m freestyle. The amazing thing is that she was only 16 years old.
From this moment she began her climb to the success and she currently holds 1 world record, 3 European records and 10 national records. At the Rio Olimpic Games in 2016 she was also the standard-bearer of Italy because she was considered the best athlete. Today it’s the same: many people consider her a “hero” because, even if she is old (30) for competitions, she is still the best .
Her private life has created a lot of gossip in Italy: she has been in a relationship with Filippo Magnini, the best swimmer of the Italian team, in fact he was also the captain, they split up a lot of times. Now he is in a relationship with Giorgia Palmas but Federica doesn’t seem so hurt.
She is a champion in a swimming pool and an elegant model on a catwalk. This is because fashion is another of her hobbies. Important stylist and famous brands, such as Juked and Raffaello D’ Angela, want her in their runway shows. Her best runway show was on the 23rd September 2017, after her victory at the World Championship. In Italy people say: “she is the pride of Italy, she is not only a swimmer but also an emblem of femininity.”
Should I say something else? Federica is a real talent.

Noemi Scuto

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