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mercoledì 15 agosto 2018

London vs Italy

A lot of Italian people live in London where the lifestyle is really different from the Italian one.
For instance, one of the differences is work organisition: in London people work the whole day, from Monday to Friday, infact life is considered really hectic. People go out in the morning and drink a cup of coffee in the tube while reading a book or the newspaper. They run to work and they finish at 6.00 p.m. 
In Italy people are more relaxed, they are friendly and they always have time for a little chat with somebody, even if they are in a hurry. 
Another thing, that is really different between the two countries, is the respect for other people. In London everybody walks on the right side of the streets to give way to those who are in a hurry, while in Italy people don't follow  a precise order while walking!
In London there are a lot of parks, where people spend some of their time: they stay in the parks to eat at lunch time, they study there because parks are quiet places and they just read or sleep like a lot of people do.  According to many people, London is the perfect city to live in: there are pubs to drink a beer in the evening (but you can do that only if you are over 18!), shops, supermarkets, Starbucks and Costas everywhere, and the means of transport work really well all day long. In my opinion that is one of the biggest differences between Italy and London. London is a really amazing city , and I think that everybody should visit it once in a lifetime.
Elisa Cusumano 

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